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The Rock has come back to…

That’s definitely not what you came here for. Sooo… I did the thing. I turned in my capstone one week ahead of my defense. And now we play the waiting game. The week-long waiting game as I stress out about moving. HOORAY.

It’s honestly not that bad though. I packed up the kitchen yesterday and the rest of my closet. And most of my room is packed. We really only have the refrigerator, freezer, and Daren’s room left to pack really. So that’s going along swimmingly.

I plan on giving my boxes to other people who need them. But yeah, Friday we get keys and move the kitchen and bathroom stuff. Saturday we get the U-Haul van and move all the big things and the rest of the boxes.

And we’re ordering our furniture set this week (hopefully). We’re very excited. Next Friday, May 12th, we get our couches from a friend. I’m super excited to be furnished with the exception of a dining room set and stuff for the patio. But that can wait.

Today, I have to make a Costco run to get a membership, go to FedEx to ship something, and edit the last episode of Rap Critic that is being made in our old house. I also should work on my Arts Administration paper that’s due in 3 weeks.

Lots to do this week. Hopefully, we’ll be all ready to go on Friday.

The Next Three Weeks

So… that capstone is going well. I defend it May 8th. But before I get to that I got to talk about what leads up to it. Personally, I find being busy a great thing because time goes by a lot faster than one would expect.

That’s out of the way. Capstone has been on my mind since last October. Let’s do some quick math: 7 MONTHS of Capstone. SEVEN. So, imagine my surprise when we set the defense for early May, that means 8 MONTHS. 8 MONTHS of superheroines running around in my brain. 8 MONTHS of everyone asking when are you graduating then? The whole ten yards.

I still have a bit more to do on the capstone itself which is what I’ll be spending the next ten days doing. I turn the capstone in May 1st for review which gives me a week to my defense. Now, I bet you’re like what are you going to do? You’ll be done, so that week will go by REALLY slow.

Nope! I have to move 20 minutes to a new apartment that week. So May 2nd, I finish my Arts Administration paper and turn it in, then May 3rd and 4th I pack the rest of my stuff into boxes and organize my stuff so it will fit in our car. May 5th and 6th we move EVERYTHING. I also mean Internet as a guy is coming to install it. On the evening of the 6th, we come back, clean our rooms of dirt and grime and leave our keys on the counter, taking the last of the things.

May 7th? Slight reprieve in the form of unpacking stuff and building my baker’s rack and getting a microwave and hoping my toaster oven can sit somewhere and figuring out how I’m setting up the kitchen because who else is going to do that? May 8th I get to be a ball of nerves all day and hope for the best and go over my presentation ELEVENTY BILLION times to the point that I’m sick of it.

Cool right? But we aren’t done. After the defense, comes corrections for the next two weeks until May 22nd and on May 12th? I get two couches and move them to my apartment. I also order my bedroom set between the 8th and the 12th so that by Friday night? Completely furnished apartment except a dining room and patio set. Good for me!

Did I mention this next three weeks is going to be REALLY busy?

The First Female Artist of Wonder Woman

Nervousness is all I felt this morning as I prepared for one of the biggest interviews of my life. The first female artist of Wonder Woman, Trina Robbins, had agreed to be interviewed by me for my thesis.

A few months ago, I had been hoping to interview both Trina Robbins and Gail Simone, but as Gail Simone is always busy and when I messaged Trina on Facebook, I wasn’t expecting anything. Then a few weeks ago, Trina got in contact with me and asked me to email her to set up a date. I did so.

We originally set it for this past Thursday, but she had something come up, so we switched it to today. I was super nervous all morning. I set everything up, tested it, made sure that everything was in place and finally decided to call around 12pm as agreed.

I called and told her how nervous I was. She was an utter delight. We talked about Wonder Woman, family, action figures and it went really well. The recording went great and everything came out clear in the recording. So next up is IAmElemental on Thursday.