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San Diego Comic-Con: Or man, I wish I can do this as a video

Hi, welcome to my WordPress, I’m Crimson and while I would normally do a video on this, the file got corrupted so here we are.

Normally, I do title cards betweeen these, but I’m just going to go down the list and give my thoughts.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chris Pine as the bard is actually really interesting. Also I love a good owlbear.

National Treasure: Edge of History: It’s nice they are focusing on a DREAMER and using this opportunity to focus on identity, community, and patriotism. Do I care about Nic Cage possible cameo? Yes, but it’s not like that exciting for me and I KNOW. 

The Rings of Power: I’ve read most of the Tolkein universe and I don’t know if we really need a new series for Lord of the Rings. I guess it’s interesting as these are relatively unknown actors, but I don’t know if it’s my cup of tea.

Tales of the Walking Dead: A six story anthology may be a better thing to do since you keep beating the zombie horse! 

The Walking Dead: Speaking of zombie horses, let this die. I mean I liked the first five seasons, then it dropped off. I love Norman Reedus, but stop. Please. There are so many other comic adaptations to do, my dudes. 

John Wick 4: Well, I guess I got to watch the franchise now that there’s four.

Interview With a Vampire: I like that they got Jacob Anderson from Game of Thrones for a new Louis. Looks good to be honest.

Netflix’s The Sandman: I haven’t seen it yet.


I’m not surprised that DC didn’t have a lot to announce given that Ezra Miller has been a …thing to put it lightly.

Gotham Knights: I am all about dat Batgirl. Can’t wait for this game to drop October 25th. I may buy it right out of the gate with everything I’ve seen with it so far: gameplay, look, feel, the fact that there’s a stellar line-up.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods!:  I’m so hype. I like the upped stakes. I like that Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are the villains with the Daughters of Atlas. 

Black Adam: I know this is a passion project of Rock’s, so I’m not really worried. I do hope he has a cameo at the end of Fury of the Gods to set up a third Shazam movie as that would be a logical conclusion to that trilogy. That being said: the line-up for Justice Society looks great: Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone. 

I do like that the Rock hopes that Black Adam will give the DCEU a new start. Basically: keep Shazam and Aquaman. I guess you can keep Wonder Woman if you have to, but reboot everything else. With Flashpoint… oh right… Grant Gustin for Flash.

*Looks at the WB/Discovery merger and how HBO is going to be for boys and Discovery for girls and Batgirl being cancelled*



There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with the shows they announced. 

I Am Groot: Looks fun, probably won’t watch it though.

X-Men ‘97: Interesting that Magneto is leading after the ending of The Animated Series, but that does track, so I can’t wait. 

Spider-Man: Freshman Year: Can’t wait to see more of that. 

Marvel Zombies: Is this going to be done to death like they did in the comics? I hope not.

Marvel’s What If?: Season 2 is looking good with some Shang-Chi versus Odin and 1602 by Neil Gaiman. Can’t wait. 

Marvel’s Secret Invasion: Nick Fury and Talos are teaming up. We will also be seeing Rhodey, Everett Ross, and Maria Hill, so that will be interesting as well. I want to know what Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke are doing though. 

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: I like this teacher element between Jennifer and the Hulk, also Wong is here and needs to be in everything. Like Luis from Ant-Man. I’m legitimately hype for this one. 

They announced other shows like Echo, Loki Season 2, Ironheart, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and Daredevil Born Again. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones reprisals when? 

We were also told that The Multiverse Saga is the name of Phase 4, 5, and 6. The films they announced where we got no other information were: Guardians 3, Blade, Captain America: New World Order, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, and two Avengers movies: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. 

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Jonathan Majors is going to be reprising the role from Loki. I love it. He’s a great Kang from what we’ve seen. I’m also hype for MODOK, but would be interested in who’s voicing him. Cassie Lang is going to be helping out as well it seems. 

Wakanda Forever: Of the line up so far, this seems to be the one I want to see the most. That trailer was amazing: Namor looks excellent and I’m glad they stuck with blue for the Atlanteans. It seems that they are making this more about the women of Wakanda and M’Baku is there, which I’m fine with. Ironheart is here and Kendrick looks like he’s back on the music. I think the armor at the end is feminine. I don’t think it’s the Queen Mother. It could be Shuri, but she doesn’t want it as far as we’ve seen. It could be Nakia who wants to honor T’Challa or it could be Okoye, because who better to guard the crown then the leader of the Dora Milaje.

Finally, I just want to mention they said the Infinity Gauntlet was worth $25 million. That tracks since it’s more than 150 carats. Time Stone is a Colombian Emerald, Space Stone is a sapphire from Madagascar, Reality Stone is a natural Ruby from Mozambique, Power Stone is a natural amethyst from unknown origins, Soul Stone is a spessartite garnet, and the Mind Stone is a yellow diamond. 

I’m interested in seeing how they address the Ezra Miller controversy at DC and as always, always interested in Marvel properties, at my own pace.

Entitlement, Millennial, and What the Hell Are You Talking About?

Hi, my name is Jess and I am a millennial. I was born at the tail end of the 80s, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but after the Challenger explosion. I was raised middle class and don’t really feel a sense of entitlement. Not because I don’t think I’m entitled, but because I think the older generations don’t know the difference between what is earned and what is a right.

Now before you go running to every newspaper and say “She said this and that and the third”, your generation has told me that I’m responsible for killing things like Applebees, diamonds, oil, honeymoons, bar soap, golf, and whatever else keeps you up at night.

Look, some of those things are practical: diamonds are usually bloody unless lab-created, oil isn’t going to last forever, and as much as some of my family likes golf (my late grandfather included), it’s probably the least exciting sport that isn’t driving around in circles for 5 hours.

My point is I don’t feel a sense of entitlement, I just want a better life than my parents? You know, the American Dream™? Is it so much to ask to be able to afford college (I still owe $116K and that’s WITH scholarships and grants), to be able to buy a house when I was 30 (my parents bought a house when I was 16, my parents were 37 and 39 respectively), and have rights not being threatened (Roe v. Wade and LGBTQ+ rights come to mind).

I’m upset that you just lump us in as the “Me me me generation” and tell me that I’m not good enough. I should not be worrying about my finances at this age (I’m currently 32 and no way NEAR paying off my debts to college or otherwise). I should be thinking about a house or where to go on my honeymoon or who I should invite to my wedding (the answer to that is like 5 people including my dad and my stepmom).

I don’t want to have a huge wedding because that’s money I can use as a 20% down on a mortgage. That’s money I could invest in retirement or my own business. There are so many things I could do with $40000 that I could not list how may things that would be.

But yes, I’m somehow entitled because I wish to be more frugal and pay off my debts before I’m old as hell and pushing 75. I shouldn’t have to hear of my friends who have lots of experience and degrees only earning $13/hr. That’s not entitlement, that’s wanting a wage that moves with inflation.

That’s basic economics. In my neck of the woods, here’s what the living wage: $19.81 for two adults with only one working. I don’t know about you, but that math which is from MIT is kind of not okay. Is it entitlement to ask to be able to buy what my parents did at my age?

And before you say this is my complaining, I’m not. I’m just pointing out the flaw in your logic with my three degrees and $116K in debt. And not for nothing, but why are we the only Western country without healthcare for our citizens? INSURANCE COMPANIES.

I wouldn’t mind paying slightly higher taxes if that means more infrastructure. Some the happiest countries in the world (like Scandinavia) have some cool things like healthcare and paternity/maternity leave. You know, things that would benefit us and make us more productive?

I’m not trying to be that guy, but when someone screams entitlement at me now? I kind of raise my eyebrows and ask “What in the hell are you talking about?”


Dammit HYDRA is exactly how I feel about job hunting. I spent about 25 years in school and will have two MAs at the end of July, but as of right now, most jobs require said MAs to actually interview. Most of the emails are like this:

Dear Ms. Jessica [Last Name Redacted]

Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, we are not accepting canadiates without Master’s of Art degrees. Please reapply when you receive yours and we can include you in the process. 

Warm Regards,

[Organization Hiring Manager’s Name Redacted]

So, the nice thing is they are still willing to include me in the process, but they’ll hire before my degrees are awarded. Dammit HYDRA. In the meantime, I’ll be working a gig, which is nice.

I’ve started to work on the critical acclaim of the Wonder Woman movie for the website Be A Heroine! and that’s coming along somewhat. I hope to finish it by today if possible.

As soon as that’s finished, I’ll start my research for Black Canary, Huntress, Captain Marvel, and Storm so I can post them in late Fall. A lot of research goes into this. About three months worth to be precise, which means they’ll be posted as soon as I move some stuff on the website around, add new pages, get the artwork, and other minor things.

In the meantime, I’ll be starting my gig Thursday and I’m really excited. I’m packing A LOT of sunscreen, my extra battery pack, and wearing my FitBit. Lots of walking will happen. It’s going to be great.